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April 26, 2013 / veganfavorites

Chompin’ on Chambers Lane

After my less than awesome experience trying a new vegan cheese brand recently, I was hesitant to try another.  However – and thank goodness – I got back on the wagon the other day and got me some of this deliciousness:


Chambers Lane makes a few varieties of “nut pates” and, based on how good this one is, I can’t wait to try them all.  Right here is the rosemary thyme almond version, and those are basically all the ingredients too. There is also some nutritional yeast and onion and garlic, and  every component is organic.  Amazing flavor and great spreadable texture from simple wholesome ingredients?  Magic.  Sign me up for more!

Get your crackers ready, and grab yourself some as soon as you see it hit the shelves near you.  Have a great weekend, everyone.


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