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April 29, 2013 / veganfavorites

Grateful for Gratitude

Happy Monday, everyone!  What better day to get grateful, right?  Before you give me any more side-eye, I’m talking about my favorite veggie burger on the planet, the “I am Magical” (ugh, I know) from Cafe Gratitude in Berkeley.

magical, indeed

magical, indeed

I hadn’t been to any CG location since all the hub bub surround their NorCal closings, but I LOVE the L.A. location with all my heart, so I decided to give my “local” cafe another shot the other day.  Verdict?  Still the best veggie burger ever.  Black bean and veggie based and oh-so-good.  I know this isn’t a favorite that everyone can sink their teeth into right away, but if you should find yourself in the Bay Area, get thee to CG.

I promise to have a more accessible favorite on Friday, you guys.  Meanwhile, have a great week!


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