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May 3, 2013 / veganfavorites

The Greater Good

The chickpeas roasted and seasoned by The Good Bean are poorly named.  You see, they’re not good… they’re fantastic!  Especially, my favorite, the cracked pepper flavor:


Made with the in-your-face flavor punch of Malabar peppercorns and with just a dash of salt, these little beans pack huge taste.  Not to mention that they’ve got fiber and protein galore, making them a great afternoon pick-me-up on their own, or your new favorite salad addition.   Personally, I’m tempted to grind some up and make peppery chickpea-encrusted tofu filets.  Who’s with me?

No matter how you eat ’em, you’re bound to fall for these “good” legumes.  Enjoy… and have a great weekend!


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