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April 15, 2013 / veganfavorites

Hodo Homerun

The people at Hodo Soy make some amazing organic tofu for all your sauteing and baking needs, but it’s their recent addition of “grab-ad-go” noshables that has me really excited.  The 5 Spice Nuggets are savory and chewy and great on salads, and the curry version would be PERFECT in last week’s favorite but, for me, the real winner is the v-EGG-an salad:


As much as it grosses me out to admit now, I ate a lot of egg salad growing up, and this is the closest a pre-made product has ever come to mimicking that flavor and texture I miss so much.  Do it my way, on whole wheat toast with a squirt of mustard, or however you find your sammies tasty.  Either way, the end result is YUM.


April 12, 2013 / veganfavorites

Mad Love for this Curry

My fave thing to order from Thai restaurants is yellow curry, but so often they are sullied by gross (like seriously, ICK) fish sauce.  Thanks to today’s fave, however, I don’t even need to leave the comfort of my house to have all the yellow curry I desire.  I’m in love with Curry Love!


I like to saute some veggies and tofu and then let them simmer in this flavorful goodness for a while before serving it up with some rice, fresh cilantro, and toasted cashews.  Highly recommended.  I can think of no better start to your weekend, y’all, so get some today and get cooking!


April 8, 2013 / veganfavorites

Rescue Me (From Chocolate Overload)…

… no wait, don’t!  I know we post about chocolate A LOT here on VF, and that’s because we love it (duh).  Well, here’s a treat for when regular old chocolate just won’t do.  Want  something sweet and savory?  Maybe with a bit of crunch and unexpected flavor?  How about if all the money you spent on said delicious chocolate went to animal rescue organizations?  Yes, 100% of the profits help animals AND you get amazingly tasty chocolate in your face.  WIN WIN and extra WIN:

From Rescue Chocolate's Website

From Rescue Chocolate’s Website

Rescue Chocolate comes in many varieties, all of which are ridiculously good – and organic and fair trade and vegan!  My favorite is the sweet and salty and smoky and scrumptious Fakin’ Bacon (pictured), but the husband loves (LOVES) the Peanut Butter Pit Bull.  Seriously, y’all, nothing will make your Monday blues vanish like some of this chocolate, and you’ll be helping out animals in need too.  Do it….  and have a great week!


April 5, 2013 / veganfavorites

Kite Hill Cheese

Hitting the shelves this week (here in SF anyway), these highly anticipated new cheeses from superstar vegan chef Tal Ronnen have finally reached my kitchen and my taste buds.  Kite Hill has released three varieties, and I tried two:


The White Alder is a mild cheese that I am not in love with.  It was just kind of flavorless and had a texture that reminded me of tofu.  Not cool, especially with all the creamy and delicious cheeses on the market by the likes of Punk Rawk and Dr. Cow.  Still, this would be good spread on a seeded bread as part of a sandwich or something.

photo (1)

My favorite of the two is the Costanoas. Its paprika and fennel coating makes it just the right amount of peppery, but the texture still bugged me.  I either want creamy cheese, or hard cheese that is dense and delectable.  Both of these were  just ok.  No cheesy tang, no savory mmmms. Surprising, considering the source, so I’m hopeful that Kite Hill’s attempts get better with time.  More flavor impact please.  If you’ve tried it, let me know what you think, but I’m moving on for now.

It’s the weekend, y’all.  Keep it tasty!


April 1, 2013 / veganfavorites

Gyros of Greatness

Happy Meatless Monday.  Here’s some help if you need it….

photo (2)

I still may not know how to pronounce gyro (year-oh? jeer-oh? jye-roh?), but thanks to Viana, I can make these Greek delights anytime I want.  This easy fix to dining out is slightly spicy, full of protein, and all organic.  Paired with hummus, tahini sauce, and veggies, it becomes a meal even Zorba would love.

photo (3)

See?  Just wrap it all up (lavash is best, but all I had were sprouted wheat tortillas) and put in your face.  Greek craving banished… though I bet it won’t be long until I get some more of this fave and make it all again. Have a good week, y’all!


March 29, 2013 / veganfavorites

A Healthy 3.14

I love March 14th, for I get to combine two things I love – nerdy math stuff and food stuff – into one joyous occasion; Pi(e) Day!  This past 3.14, we celebrated with make-your-own pizza pies (more on that in a future post) and a new favorite sweet potato pie recipe from a book you need to know about:

photo (4)

Lickin’ the Beaters by Siue Moffat is chock full o’ low-fat vegan desserts that actually taste amazing,  This particular pie was so easy to make, and so flavorful (yay ginger in pies!) and I look forward to making it again and again in the future.  Secret easy crust tip:  Just mix ground up wheat and barley “nuts” cereal (I used one by Kashi but you can use the original) with some applesauce until it sticks together and you can press it into a pie pan.  Healthy and tasty and versatile, oh my!  I can promise you I won’t wait until next Pi Day to break into this book and make some more sweet treats.  Recommend you get your own copy and get baking, y’all.


March 26, 2013 / veganfavorites

Stop the Presses: Vegan Creme Eggs for Your Face!

We don’t normally post anything on Tuesdays, let alone late in the afternoon, but you must all know RIGHT NOW about the fabulousness Obsessive Confection Disorder has cooked up for Easter.  Behold the glory that is their “Sweet Dream Egg”.

They come in adorable and compostable Eco-Eggs

They come in adorable and compostable Eco-Eggs

Pretty foil wrapping

Pretty foil wrapping

Bitten!  Moaning ensues.

Bitten! Moaning ensues.

Just like the creme eggs of your youth but even tastier, and without all the animal secretions and chemical gunk. I swear, you guys, candy maker extraordinaire Melodi REALLY outdid herself with these Easter goodies.  You must order yourself a whole bunch right now!  Or just order OCD’s “Easter Veggs” which come with two mini Dream Eggs and a whole bunch of other amazing treats, like their infamously delicious caramels:

A feast of treats

A feast of treats

Incredible, right?  We love you OCD, at Easter and all the damn time.


March 25, 2013 / veganfavorites

Chia Cheeze!

We’ve written about Heidi Ho Veganics in the past, but they’re at it again with a new product that is a one of a kind tasty treat.  It’s cheese sauce, y’all, but it’s also healthy and made from whole food ingredients like potatoes, carrots, cashews, and, of course – everyone’s favorite source of omegas – chia seeds!

From Heidi Ho's Website

From Heidi Ho’s Website

Last night I spread some on crackers straight out of the jar.  Delish!  Then I heated it up and poured over a baked potato.  Even better!  (Yes, I may have also added on another favorite to complete the indulgence.) Not spicy like some of the “nacho” cheese sauces on the market, this is meant to be more neutral, ala Velveeta minus the complete and utter disgustingness.  I highly recommend getting yourself some and trying it on everything.  What better way to beat a case of the Mondays than creamy chia cheeze, right? Right.


March 22, 2013 / veganfavorites

Soul Stirring Chocolate

Peanut butter cups?  SOOOOO last year!  Ok, that’s not true, they’re always delicious, and we even have our vegan favorites (the dark chocolate ones HERE are yummo), but every now and then it’s fun to put a twist on the classic.  Stirs the Soul is mixing up a raw version made of simple ingredients that will sate your sweet tooth and give your body some love to boot.

From Stirs the Soul's website

From Stirs the Soul’s website

Made only of cacao beans, cacao butter, dates, hemp seeds, and salt (all organic, yippee!), they are a satisfying treat for both the indulger and the health nut within you.  Full of protein, omegas, and antioxidants, but low on sugar, these will be the best couple of bites you take all day, promise.  Get yourself some, and have a sweet weekend, y’all!


March 18, 2013 / veganfavorites

A Chicago Treat

Happy Monday everyone!  Shelley and I had a great time eating our way around Chicago last week, and I wanted to share one of my favorite treats from the Windy City with you.  These perfectly sweet crunchers were purchased at Karyn’s Fresh Corner, a market place attached to her raw foods cafe, and I am still enjoying them back at home in SF.  Check out Karyn’s Cashew and Nib Clusters:

photo (7)

Made exclusively from  organic cashews, cacao beans, coconut nectar, and sea salt, they are a healthy treat, and highly addictive.  I recommend getting yourself some should you ever find yourself in Chicago OR do what I’m going to do between trips, and order them online.  Hooray internets!


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